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What is Gum Disease Awareness Month? Glad you asked! It’s a month dedicated to gum disease treatment, its preventative measures, and all the treatments available. With gum disease inflicting millions globally, we dedicate this month to spreading awareness about gum infections to encourage healing and preventative action. At Robert L. Rodriguez DDS, we take another step further and offer the most advanced, technologically comprehensive gum disease treatments in San Antonio, Texas. Under our care, your family is under our complete and mighty protection. 


What is Gum Disease? 

Gum disease is a severe gum infection affecting 46% of all American adults over 30. Also known as periodontitis, plaque is often the root cause of gum disease. When your gums become infected, it can cause bleeding, inflammation, and soreness. When untreated, it can lead to bone decay, tooth loss, and more. Thankfully, there’s always a silver lining. Gum disease is both preventable and somewhat treatable. With 21st-century treatments such as root scaling, planing, flap surgery, and antibiotics, we can curb the effects of gum disease. 


What are Common Gum Disease Symptoms? 

Everyone should be aware of gum disease symptoms. This way, infections can be identified and treated immediately. Early treatment prevents further complications and unnecessary pain. 

  • Bleeding Gums. Gym disease might be to blame if your gums start to bleed without an apparent cause. Keep note, and report back to your dentist. 
  • Foul Breath. Don’t kill the mood with bad breath! While tuna fish or poor dental hygiene causes bad breath, so does gum disease. Be on your toes, and stay far away from gum infections. 
  • Painful Chewing. Take care if it hurts to chew or apply pressure to your teeth. Whether a cavity, root canal infection or gum disease, the sooner we diagnose and treat the issue, the better. 
  • Peeling Gums. Gums that start to “slide” off the teeth, loosen, pull back, or shrink are big red flags. Gums don’t get vacation time, so don’t let them slip away. 
  • Mystery Pus. While mystery movies can be fun to watch, mystery pus isn’t. Contact a dentist with the tools and experience to offer you the pristine care you deserve.


How to Celebrate Gum Disease Month? 

Get ready to bust out the pinata because this month is going to be a party: 

  • Educate the Youth. The youth are the rising generation and are responsible for carrying on humanity. When we teach the child about healthy dental practices, we actively help prepare them for adulthood. Whether going to the library and picking up children’s books about dentistry or rewarding them for good oral hygiene, there’s always a way to help them. Take this month as a teaching opportunity. 
  • Spread the Word! Social activism is a powerful method for reaching the masses. Feel free to print a poster, rent a Super Bowl ad, or put #GumDiseaseAwarenessMonth all over your social media. When people know gum disease and how to prevent it, we can prevent thousands of unnecessary infections yearly. 
  • Upgrade Personal Hygiene. There’s no better time to improve your dental hygiene than today. Whether it’s getting a new brush, recommitting to flossing, or trying mouthwash, be creative. Give your gums and teeth an extra dose of love and care. 


Gum Disease Treatment in San Antonio, Texas

This month, we toast to all the brave dentists, hygienists, and doctors who battle gum disease daily. Dr. Robert L. Rodriguez and our team have decades of combined experience at our clinic to ensure you receive the most advanced treatment. Without their help, the world would be a much darker- and more painful- place! We’re proud to offer the highest quality gum disease therapies in San Antonio, Texas. 

Contact us today to get started!